Vision: Create a self sufficient intentional island community/research center with an online platform for anarchists, travelers, artists, thinkers, and environmentalists.

1) Decrease our reliance on the man made money system

2) Radical self expression - Be who you want to be!

3) Grow nutrient-dense, organic, ethical food

4) Full control of our time - which is all we have in the cosmos

5) Live a life in harmony with the planet and each other



After traveling extensively around the world, I (Sebastien) came to a realization that I want to change my way of living. I  want to be part of nature not on top of nature. I want to live free from corporate/big government systems.  I want to live in harmony with my earthly brothers and sisters. Therefore, I've decided to get to work to form this project.

The online platform is the gateway to the island. You can't get to the island without being part of the online community.  You do NOT need money to get to the island. You pay with your sweats and natural gifts, we want this to be available to anyone. You can donate towards the project but this is not required.  You're willingness to help is more important than anything else.

Many in the world see that their skills are not being used to benefit others at the highest level but are instead being used to perpetuate a system base solely on corporate profit, greed, and third world exploitation.

We seek visionaries with alternative views of life and innovative ideas to work together to build an offgrid community of trust and "human-hood" through cooperation, honor and respect for each individual's unique talents.

At Lubinii we will reject nationalism, capitalism, racism,sexism and any other system that alienate us and the animals.

Therefore this community is based only on referrals, for obvious reasons. To get your invitation code please contact us via the contact form with a brief intro of yourself.


With love and peace,