People are spending an unhealthy amount of time seating in a cubicle away from nature, our social app and island bring geeks, freelancers, remote-workers and digital nomads closer to nature while being productive.

We’re combining ecology, fresh food, collaboration, and technology to provide a healthy and productive environment in an island setting. Many digital nomads rent Airbnbs, work from cafes and hotels, but very rarely do these environments offer a comprehensive solution like coworking and remote-working spaces.


Lubinii Secret Island is the first social platform with it's own private island for its members.

A members only eco-tech island.

An Island which offers creative and collaborative environments to ideate, share ideas and express your vision.


Why be at an office 9-5 when you can leverage modern tech and work remotely on a comfortable tech friendly island?


Our members are digital nomads, co-workers, nudists, hackers, vegans, veggies, nature lovers. However, we're open to all wonderful souls.



How do I become a member?

Send us a note via the contact form and you will receive your invitation code.

Sign up and select a membership.

With a small annual fee you can come to Lubinii at your own convenience.

We have 3 membership levels for you to choose from.

All memberships include accommodation for the duration of your stay on the island. 

More About The Island

An Island to lose yourself and find your soul

Digital nomads and people working remotely.

Get away from the daily stress of society while being productive in nature with like minded individuals. Our focus is digital nomads, however we're open to artists,nudists, vegans, nature lovers, couchsurfers.

A Members Only Paradise

You pay a reasonable annual membership fee and you can come to Lubinii island at your convenience. We wanted to make it very affordable for everyone to come and enjoy Lubinii island. Hence the reason for a simple annual membership.


To keep the island active, we plan on putting together about 4 events a year. Active members will have priority for attending and buying tickets.

Mango Token

Collect mangoes by inviting members to our app, and earn free event access, and opportunity to upgrade your membership free!

Radical self expression

We promote radical self expression because we believe life is meant to live.

Sustainable living

At Lubinii Secret Island, we put ecology first. More minimalistic approach is the best method of reducing one’s “carbon footprint”.

Innovative Island
550 Happy Members
150 Pictures
35 Introduction videos
19 Island Visitors

Make Lubinii Secret Island your home